“I know how they feel.” Says Aurora theater survivor

CAÑON CITY, Colo. – Another group in Southern Colorado is helping out the victims and survivors of the Las Vegas shooting. A couple who survived the Aurora theater massacre knows all too well, what survivors from Las Vegas shooting are going through.

In an effort to spread hope, they began a project to remind victims, officers and others they’re not alone. News Channel 13’s Cinthia Maldonado tells us how you can help make a difference.

755 miles from Las Vegas you find Katie and Caleb Medley in Cañon City.

"I know how they feel," says Caleb.

Although they survived the Aurora theater shooting their lives took a drastic change.

"Caleb was shot through his right eye. He was shot with a shotgun and they removed his right eye and a portion of his brain."

They know attacks like this haunt more than just the survivors and families.

"I have more respect for cops."

Its Caleb’s message after an officer saved his life that night. “They need to know that there are people on their side."

Getting a second chance at life —this couple and their family now want to pay it forward. The created Project Hope Baskets to help spread love.

"We decided that maybe sending some baskets full of different items to help the first responders, the hospitals employees, and then the victims and their families," says Katie.

Their sister-in-law Megan Medley is also part of the Project Hope Baskets. She says showing support makes a difference in people’s lives. "Having somebody give them something just so simple is more of a wow people are thinking of us. They’re thinking of our well being."

In order to fill up the baskets they need the community’s helping hand.

"Candies, chap sticks, notepads, hand sanitizers, small little things of lotion and protein bars for the first responders."

"For the victims and the survivors’ families things like toothpaste some snack foods things they can have while sitting in the hospital room

Caleb, Katie, and Megan will travel from Cañon City to Las Vegas on October 23rd to personally deliver hope!

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