Had A Great Time Visiting My Friend In Aurora Colorado

A friend of mine moved to Aurora Colorado because she was offered a really great job. It was a few hours from where we had lived and I knew I wasn’t going to get to see her as much. She told me that I could come visit one weekend after she got moved in. She said there were lots of things to do in the area. I had never been to Aurora Colorado before for anything so I was up for a visit, I told her to let me know a good time.

About a month after she got moved into her home, she asked me when I was free to come in and visit. She told me it was an easy drive to get there and I could stay with her for the weekend. I told her I had the following weekend off and I could come then. She said that would work out great because there was a good bit going on that weekend. She told me about a few different things that were going on there and I looked into them to see what they were. And everything she mentioned looked like a lot of fun.

The weekend came and I drove to Aurora Colorado. I used the GPS on my car and was able to easily find her home. She greeted me outside and showed me around her house. It was really nice and I was really happy I got to go there for the weekend. We had a great time doing a few different things that she had mentioned to me before. I definitely want to go back and visit her sometime again soon because I had a really great time and I know she enjoyed my company too.

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